About a month ago I had the pleasure of photographing chef Gordon Ramsay for Triathlete Magazine. Along with being a 9-star Michelin chef, Gordon is also an accomplished endurance athlete. After years of running marathon, Gordon has now transitioned into triathlon. He’ll be competing in the Ironman World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii this month. Here’s a few shots from the day:


I like to run… a lot!  I started running a few years back as a challenge to myself and it is now part of my day to day.  One of the coolest things about it is the ability to see places in a different way.  Griffith Observatory, New York City, the White House, and Dodger Stadium all seem different having taken the road less traveled to arrive there.  A few years ago I started documenting morning runs via my Instagram.  Here’s a few images from some of the places I’ve visited on foot.


Last fall I received a dream assignment from the Alcade, UT’s alumni magazine.  I spent an amazing morning photographing the Mars Science Laboratory team on the Mars Yard at Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena.  Known around JPL as the “Texas Mafia,” these four UT Alumni are part of the team responsible for the Mars Curiosity Rover & Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.  These scientists use extreme machines to explore a new frontiers on the red planet. My inner 12-year-old NASA geek was very happy.

Death Valley in 3D

I love the desert.  Old things frozen in time and covered with a fine layer of sand and dust.  I couldn’t think of a better place to take a crack at stereo photography.  If you don’t have a pair of 3D glasses to view these, give me a shout and I’ll send you a pair!

Snow Day!!!

Living in Southern California has its advantages.  You’re an hour from the beach and two-hours away from Big Bear.  My wife and I have been wanting to take our daughter to the snow and finally had a weekend to get away.  There’s nothing like playing in the snow for the first time!

Plant Powered Superman

Meet Rich Roll: He’s a down to earth, no-nonsense, family man who just happen to participate in the worlds toughest endurance event while living on a solely plant-based diet.  I had the chance to spend a few days photographing him swim, bike, and run in late 2012 for Triathlete Magazine.  A competitor in the Ultra-Man World Championship in Hawaii, Rich spent 3-days in the worlds most taxing endurance event swimming 6.2-miles, biking 260-miles, and finishing with a 52-mile double marathon.  He is the real deal!


Recently I had an opportunity to photograph the Workjuice players backstage of the Thrilling Adventure Hour. The Thrilling Adventure Hour is a staged production in the style of old time radio.  Our impromptu photo shoot took place during intermission allowing us just 45 minutes to load in, setup, shoot 25 actors, break down, and leave.  It was fast, hectic and amazing!  Here’s a few of our favorites for you to enjoy:


How do all of these go together?  Well… Forbes (the magazine) hired me (the photographer) to photograph a subterranean car elevator (like the one Mitt Romney is installing at his new home in Laguna Beach) at the former home of Britney Spears (the singer).  Enjoy!


A while back I shared two awesome days in Boulder photographing Greg and Laura Bennett and their best swim/bike/run for Inside Triathlon…  Here’s what we saw:


Here’s something from the early days.  Back in 2002, I was assisting on a 2-month travel project in Chile.  For 7-weeks I drove from the Northern tip, to the Southern most tip of this thin country.  I found a new appreciation for a land I had never in my wildest dreams thought of visiting.  I crossed the Andes, flew over glaciers, stood next to the Moai on Easter Island, and hiked through Patagonia.  It was a once in a lifetime trip that I will never forget. Here’s a few images from what I saw along the way: